Staff Bios:


Meet our amazing, uncannily awesome staff team! We are a small team always looking for another helping hand. Here are our bios and contact information:

  • Arakhne
    • Discord: 4riadne#8259
    • Positions: owner, producer, author, staff manager, builder of tiny unimpressive stuff and things
    • Email:
    • Website:¬†
    • You can call me: Alyssa (or anything that starts with an A, I’m sure I’ve used it as an alias at some point in my life)
    • Location: USA
    • Time zone: PST (Los Angeles)
    • Age: 21
  • Prem
    • Positions: plugin wizard, fix-it magician, website designer
  • Overloud
    • Positions: builder
  • MorphJB
    • Positions: Builds all the things, emergency IT guy, staff manager
  • Natasha