Astara Server Rules:

While Astara is a horror server, we strive to maintain a friendly and respectful atmosphere at all times. Even though we establish age guidelines, there will still always be younger players coming by the server to check it out and we want to keep things appropriate for players of any age level. Also, games are supposed to be fun! We don’t ever want our players to feel uncomfortable on our server. For everyone’s enjoyment and safety, here are some rules that need to be followed on our server.


  • Don’t use any language you wouldn’t use in front of your younger sibling. No foul language, adult topics, or abusive language.
  • No griefing or destroying things that belong to the server or another person.
  • No cheats, mods that give you an advantage, skirting around adventure mode, or other hacks.
  • In general, refrain from using public server chat for lengthy two-way conversations, talking about religion, politics, or relationships. If you’re having a more personal or extended conversation with someone you know in-person then consider direct messaging them or using Discord.
  • In general just be polite and friendly! Listen to staff if they ask you not to do something. Use common sense.

The Use of any of these Hacks are strictly prohibited and action will be taken instantly if caught.

Credits to Zyarian for producing this List!

KillAura –
KillAura is probably the most used Hack on Minecraft Servers. It allows players to hit players/animals/mobs when the player isn’t even looking at them.

AntiKnockback –
AntiKnockback is where when you are hit by a player, a snowball or even a TNT explosion, your player will not move.

NoSlowDown –
When you are hit by an egg or a bow etc, you stop sprinting and must press CNTRL+W to start sprinting again. With NoSlowDown, you can bypass this.

NoSlowDown can stop you from:

  • Slowing down through cobwebs
  • Walking through Lava/Water very slowly
  • Slowing down when blocking with a sword
  • Slowing down when drawing back a bow.
  • When hit, you will carry on sprinting
  • Walking slowly on SoulSand
  • and more…

Criticals –
This is a very popular hack where you can deal a critical hit on a player by simply hitting them from the ground normally.

Flight –
Fly around the server, easily detected.

Bunnyhop/B-Hop –
This is a very weird looking hack to use, and it is one of the most detectable hacks. B-Hopping allows you to basically jump very far. Kind of a flying tool.

Reach –
Allows you to hit players/entities from a far distance

Speed –
Walk/Move very quickly. (This can be VERY buggy)

Aimbot –
When drawing back with a bow, you will be located to the nearest player, and your accuracy will be almost on point.

Annoy –
You can select a player and whatever they send in chat, you will repeat

AutoArmor –
Automatically equips your armour for you.

AutoBlock –
When hitting a player, you will automatically block with your sword to deal more damage.

AutoDisconnect –
When you are on a set health level, you will automatically be logged out the server.

AutoFish –
Automatically pull your rod back when a fish is caught

AutoMine –
Allows you to break any block you look at.

AutoSoup –
Automatically drink soup when on a set health (Used on KitPvp servers.

AutoSteal –
When opening a chest, you will automatically receive all of its contents. (Useful for Survival Games or Skywars)

AutoSwitch –
Switches to each of your slot bars every 0.5 seconds, like to slot bar 1, then 2, then 3 etc etc

AutoSword –
Automatically bring out your best weapon when hitting a player.

AutoTool –
Automatically bring out your best tool for the job you are doing.

AutoWalk –
Automatically walk in the direction you are facing.
AntiAFK –

Walk around a 3×3 area to stop yourself from being kicked for being AFK for too long (AFK = Away From Keyboard)

AntiFire –
Stops you from being burnt

AntiSlip –
Prevents you from slipping on ice to make it easier to walk on

AntiCactus –
Prevents damage from cactus

AntiBlind –
Bypasses the Blindness Potion effect

AntiPotion –
Allows you to not be affected by Potion Effects.

AntiSpam –
Protects you from chat spam by deleting duplicate messages.

BaseFinder –
Just like an X-Ray, but it highlights all of the blocks that are placed by a player, and not naturally placed.

Blink –
When activating blink, you will come out of your body to roam freely around the map. When pressing the blink button again, your original body will be teleported to your ghost body. This is useful for Survival Games where you can run and loot the chests before the game starts, then blink and teleport to your body when the game starts.

Breadcrumbs –
Draws a coloured line behind all of your footsteps to show where you have been walking.

Backstep –
Let’s you walk backwards the same speed you walk fowards.

CaveFinder –
Automatically finds caves and ravines for you.

ChestESP –
Makes boxes around Ender Chests, Chests and Double Chests to view them better.

Day –
Makes it always day

Dolan Speech/Fancy Chat –
Whenever you send a chat message, the characters will appear as UTF

ElytraSpeed –
Allows you to fly faster on an Elytra (Requires Minecraft Version 1.9+)

FastBuild –

When trying to build a long bridge, FastBuild makes it a lot easier by making it so you never fall off of a block!

FastPlace –
Build very quickly.

FreeMove –
Stops a Minecraft server like MP from forcing your head in a certain directiom

FastFall –
Fall very quickly from a height.

Follow –
Follow a player wherever they go.

Freecam –
This acts as an “out of body experience” allowing the player to fly/wander around within their render distance without actually moving or being known that they are there. Sadly, this is un-patchable as it is all client sided. This in conjunction to cave finder helps hackers find bases

FastEat –
Eat your food very quickly, quite self-explanatory.

Fullbright –
When activated, gives yourself a permanent night vision.

FastLadder –
Climb up ladders very quickly

FightBot –
Automatically walk around and attack everything!

Glide –
When falling, you will fall very, very slowly.

GhostHand –
Hit entities through blocks or open containers/interact with the environment through blocks.

HackSign –
Place down a sign with “Hacked With Wurst” (Wurst Client)

Headless –
Glitch out your players head and make it appear as you have not got a head.

HealthTags –
Allows you to view how much health a player/entity/mob has next to its username.

HighJump –
Basically, gives you permanent jump boost. (Can be quite buggy.)

ImpossibleInventory –
This is mostly with the “AutoSoup” hack. It is where you can move items in your inventory without opening it.

ItemESP –
Allows you to view dropped items/entities on the floor

Invincibility (a.k.a GodMode) –
Makes you invisible to other players if you die and respawn near them. Only works on vanilla servers.

InsultĀ –
Say random insults in the chat to annoy people.

Jesus –
Allows you to walk on water and lava. Can be very buggy on some AntiCheat servers.

Jetpack –
When you hold space, you will fly into the air.

Liquids –
Allows you to interact with liquid blocks.

MenuWalk –
Walk with your inventory/chest open.

MileyCyrus –
Sneak every second, makes it look like you are twerking.

MultiAura –
Allows you to hit multiple entities at once.

MassTPA –
Send a /tpa request to everyone on the server.

MiddleClickFriends –
When middle clicking on a player, they will be added to your “friends list”. This means your KillAura/MultiAura etc will be ignored on them.

NameTags –
All player Name tags/holograms will appear Much bigger.

Nuker –
Basically an auto-block breaker, but breaks blocks at a faster rate.

NoFall –
When you hit the ground from a great height, you will not be damaged.

NoFlinch –
Stops your Minecraft Screen from shaking when being damaged

NoHurtCam –
Disables the annoying effect when you get hurt.

NoWeb –
Kind of like a NoSlowDown but makes you not get slowed down when travelling through cobwebs.

Overlay –
Renders the Nuker animation when you mine a block.

ProphuntESP –
For MP users, this hack will be useful. It allows you to locate disguised players.

PluginFinder –
Automatically finds the plugins used on a Minecraft Server – Some servers block it with AntiCheat

Phase –
Exploits a bug in NoCheat+ that allows you to glitch through blocks.

Panic –
When this hack is executed, all of your Hacks will be turned off.

PlayerESP/MobESP/AnimalESP –
Shows coloured boxes around mobs/players to locate them easier.

Regen –
Basically regenerates your health very quickly, with most clients, this only works when your hunger is full, and can be VERY buggy and can sometimes kick you from the server.

Respawn/Auto-Respawn –
Makes you instantly respawn instead of seeing the death screen.

RemoteView –
Allows you to see the world as someone else.

Retard/Derp –
Make your head appear as it’s moving around constantly.

SafeWalk –
Stops you from walking of blocks when building a bridge or a building.

Sneak –
Keep sneaking without having to keep holding the Shift Key.

SleepWalk –
Sleepwalk allows you to walk while sleeping

SpeedMine –
Mine faster. This can be very buggy on most servers with an AntiCheat system.

Spider –
Gives you the ability to climb walls.

Step –
Automatically jump up blocks without having to press space

Timer –
Make all of your movements quicker such as Arm Movements, player time, bow shots etc.

Teleport –
Block with your sword and teleport to the location you’re looking at.

TP-Aura –
Teleport around your target while hitting them. This hack is VERY noticeable and can be detected super easily.

Triggerbot –
Automatically attacks whatever you are looking at.

Tracers –
Draws a line pointing to the nearest player/entity/mob.

Throw –
Throw allows you to throw a certain amount of snowballs/eggs at one time.

Trajectories –
Allows you to view where your egg/snowball/bow shot will land before throwing it.

V-Clip –
The short name for Vertical clipping. It is basically like a NoClip but only on the Y axis. This worked for quite some time on Bukkit servers without NC+ but is since patched by both NC+ and the Bukkit server itself, setting an alert off that a player made an illegal movement. This hack used to be used to clip into people’s bases, steal their items, and leave.

WorldDownloaded (Also a Mod) –
Can be used to Download the World you are currently on to your Singleplayer Worlds

X-Ray –
Find certain blocks like Diamond Ore, Obsidian and more underground (mostly used on Factions Servers)


Staff reserve the right to mute, kick, tempban, or permaban any player for any reason, including ones not included on this list. If you believe you have been banned in error, please contact a staff member.